HVAC Pro Engineering

Course Description

The student will develop an understanding of what the various common JCI ASC devices do, how they operate, how to install them, how to engineer them using the HVACPRO tool, how to calibrate them, and how to troubleshoot them.


Each student is required to have a laptop with M-TOOLS loaded and an ASC-CVT PRO300-1 cable kit.

Course Objectives

  • Define the purpose and construction of typical JCI ASC devices.
  • Define how to install and maintain typical JCI ASC devices.
  • Define the purpose of an N2 bus, how it is installed and typical problems.
  • Given a sequence of operation and the HVACPRO tool, write, download, and test a UNT, AHU, VAV, VMA, and TEC controller.
  • Given a typical problem, troubleshoot it down to a component.

Dates & Registration

Upcoming Class Dates

No classes currently scheduled on this subject.  Please contact Kim Maher at 248-588-9260 if you are interested in this course.


Course Details

Cost: $750 per student

Time: 8:00 - 4:30 pm

Instructor: Ron VanderMeer