PICV Assembly 2 Way 3/4 in. Threaded
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7 Cv, Pressure Independent Control Valve, Stainless Steel, Direct Coupled Actuator, 44 lb-in., Non-Fail Safe, 24 VAC, 6 VA Rating, Modulating.


Sizes From 1/2 To 3 in. w/Internal (Female) NTP Connections.
Upstream Test Port For Venting Or Pressure Gauge Attachment.
Three Actuator Orientations On The Valve For Cramped Spaces.
Integral Snubber Eli mates Effect Of System Pressure Fluctuations And Entrapped Air While Improving Flow Performance.
Controls Hot or Chilled Water w/Up To 50% Glycol.
Regulated Flow Rates Available From 1 To 95 gpm.
Differential Pressure Regulator For Constant Pressure Drop Across Valve Seat.
Positive Pressure, Rolling Diaphragm Regulator Design For Flow Control Ball Insert.
Multiple Maximum Flow Rates Available Per Valve Size.
Patented Ball Seals For Low Operating Torque.
Spring Return Actuators Field-Configurable For Normally Open Or Normally Closed Fail-Safe Position.
Removable, Manual Operating Handle To Control Valve During Installation Or In An Event Of Power Failure.

Technical Details

Hot Or Chilled Water w/Up To 50% Glycol
Flow Characteristic
Equal Percentage
Operating Temperature
-5 F To 140 F (-30 C To 80 C)
Close-Off Pressure
100 psid
Power Consumption
5 VA
Auxiliary Switches
Direct Coupled