Flare Valve, 2 Way, 1/2 in. 1.7 Cv
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Flare End Connection, PDTO Style, Bronze Body, Stainless Steel Stem.


Available With Or Without A Factory Coupled V-3000-1 Pneumatic Or VA-805x Series Electric Actuator, These Actuators Can Also Be Field Mounted
Contains A Modulating Plug, Which Provides An Equal Percentage Relationship (Two-Way) And Linear Relationship (Three-Way) Between Valve Travel And Flow At A Constant Pressure Drop
Uses Standard Johnson Controls Non-Adjustable Ring Pack Packing For Proven Reliability And Long Life
A Molded Composition Disk That Ensures Tight Shutoff Is Bonded To The Valve Plug Assembly And Can Be Removed For Servicing

Technical Details

Hot And Cold Water
Operating Conditions
-10 F To 150 F (-23 C To 66 C) For Pneumatic Actuators, -10 F To 140 F (-23 C To 60 C) With VA-805x Actuator
Flow Characteristic
Equal Percentage
Close-Off Pressure
30 psi For Pneumatic Actuators