Static Pressure Gauge
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1% Accuracy Digitally Controlled Gauge Pressure Transducer, 0 To 250 psig


Micromachined Silicon Sensor Design, Improves Overpressure Capacity And Reduces Failures
Maximum 5x full scale range burst pressure
Electronic Surge Damping For High Stability
Pushbutton Zero Calibration, No Trim Pots To Adjust, Saves Installation Time
Pushbutton And Remote Zero Adjustment, Maintain Accuracy And Prevent Callbacks With Automatic Zero Calibration
Microprocessor Controlled Signal Conditioning
Electronic, 5 S Averaging Surge Damping
Pushbutton Auto-Zero And Digital Input (2-Position Terminal Block) Zero Adjust
Media Compatible With 17 To 4 PH Stainless Steel
Maximum 2X Full Scale Range Proof Pressure