Room Humidity And Temperature Sensor
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+/-2% Accuracy, 10K Type III Thermistor And Thin Film Capacitive Sensor Type, White Plastic Enclosure, Includes LCD Display, 24 VAC Or 12 To 30 VDC Supply Voltage.


Sensor Element - Thin-Film Capacitive Sensor Element Recovers From 100% Saturation
Interchangeable Element - Fully Interchangeable Element To 2% Accuracy No Calibration
Flexibility - Polarity Insensitive, 2-Wire 4 To 20 mA Or 3-Wire 0 To 5/0 To 10 VDC Versions Flexible Systems Compatibility Save Time In The Field, Stock Fewer Devices
Field Replaceable - Replace Element In The Field Maintain Accuracy And Minimize Downtime
On-Board Memory - HS Element Is Microprocessor Profiled With On-Board Nonvolatile Memory
Digitally Profiled Thin-Film Capacitive (32-Bit Mathematics) Us Patent 5,844,138 Hs Element, This Sensing Element Has A 1 Year Warranty