Programmer. Selectable Purge (30 Second
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Programmer. Selectable Purge (30 Second Min.), 5 and 10 Seconds TFI, Non-Recycle, Early Spark Termination.


Several Operation Characteristics Of These Programmers Are Determined By Six Dipswitches Located On The Side Of The Programmer
Provides Start Up Programming, Safe-Start Check And Flame Monitoring Supervision
Insures Open Damper (High Purge) Prepurge, Proof Of Low Fire Position And Fuel Valve End Switch Safety Checks
A Running Interlock Circuit On The FLAME-MONITOR System Constantly Monitors The Limit Switches, Air Flow Switches And Fuel Pressure Switches Through The Programmer
The Programmers Include An RJ45 Style Connector To Interface With An Integral Or Remote Alpha-Numeric Display