Programmer, provides selectable PTFI, se
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Programmer, provides selectable PTFI, selectable baud rate, and selectable recycle / non-recycle operation. For use with MEC320TS chassis only.


Fixed 30 Second Pre-Purge Period
Ignition Terminal 4 Shuts Off 10 Seconds Into The Pilot Trial For Ignition
5 Second Pilot Proving Period
Pilot Terminal 3 Shuts Off 5 Seconds Into The Main Trial For Ignition
Post Purge Has Selectable 0 Or 60 Seconds Duration
Release To Modulate Contacts Change State 1 Second Into AUTO (MEC320TS Required)
Lockout Occurs If Air Flow, Terminal 6, Is Not Proven 10 Seconds Into Purge
Dip Switch Selectable Communication Baud Rate, 4800, 9600 Or 19200 Baud
Dip Switch Selectable Pilot Trial For Ignition Timing, 5 Or 10 Seconds