Detector Electronic Controller
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120 VAC Standard, 240 VAC Selectable, 50/60 Hz., Remote Meter Output 0 To 10 Volts DC And 4 To 20 mL, Panel Mounted, For Use With C9501, C9502, C9507, C9503M, C9503P, C9504M, And C9504P Scanners.


Adjustable Flame Threshold
Selectable Flame On Delay Time - 1 Or 2 Seconds
Selectable Flame Off And Marginal Flame Delay Time - 3.5 Or 6 Seconds (FM Approved Model Has 3.5 Second Delay Time Only)
External Output For Remote Flame Intensity Voltmeter (0 To 10 Volts DC) Standard
Optional 4 To 20 Milliampere Module Provides Flame Intensity Output For Connection To Remote Devices
Accommodates Ultraviolet, Infrared, All Fuel And Fiber Optic Flame Scanners To Provide A Choice Of Application Solutions (Different Scanner Types Do Not Require Modification)