UV, Integrated Flame Scanner, 24 VDC, 1
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UV, Integrated Flame Scanner, 24 VDC, 1 in. Bsp, 1 Second FFRT W/ 4-20 Ma With Quick Disconnect. Use 59-598-Xx Cable. CE Approved.


Microprocessor Based Flame Scanner Utilizing An Ultraviolet Tube-Type Sensor And An Electro-Mechanical Self-Checking Shutter Mechanism
Incorporates An Internal Flame Relay With A Fixed ON/OFF Threshold Thereby Eliminating The Need For An External Flame Amplifier
Powered From A 24 VDC Power Source Provided Externally And Includes An Integral 8 Pin Quick Disconnect Connector
A Color-Coded Internal LED Indicates Flame Status And Alarm Condition