Fixed Current Switch
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Solid Core, Normally Open 0.5 Amp At 250 VAC/DC Output, 0.75 To 200 Amps Sensing Range.


Reliable - More Reliable For Status Than Relays Across Auxiliary Contacts
Ideal For Direct-Drive UNIST, Unit Vents, Fan Coil UNIST, Exhaust Fans, And Other Fixed Loads
Installation Flexibility - Removable Mounting Bracket Provides Installation Flexibility
Induced From Monitored Current Sensor Power
On/Off Status For Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Outputs At 12 To 115 Hz, VFD Systems Generate Fields That Can Disrupt Electrical Devices, Ensure That These Fields Are Minimized And Are Not Affecting The Sensor

Technical Details

Current Amperage Range
0.75 To 200 Amps
Current Contact Type
Normally Open
Current Core Type
Current Trip Point Range
0.75 Amp Or Less
Current Trip Point Type
Fixed Trip Point
Current Type
Current Switch