Adjustable Current Switch
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Solid Core, Normally Closed 0.1 Amps At 30 VDC Output, 0.75 To 50 Amps Sensing Range.


Adjustable Trip Point - Versatility With Four Available Amperage Ranges
No Tubing Necessary - Easier To Install Than Differential Pressure Switches
100% Solid-State No Moving Parts To Fail
Output Status Leeds For Fast Set Up
Easy Placement - Adjustable Mounting Bracket On The Solid-Core Housing
Self-Gripping Iris On Split-Core Housings For Easy Installation

Technical Details

Current Amperage Range
0.75 To 50 Amps
Current Contact Type
Normally Closed
Current Core Type
Current Trip Point Range
0.75 Amp Or Less
Current Trip Point Type
Adjustable Trip Point
Current Type
Current Switch