Adjustable Current Switch
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Solid Core, Normally Open 0.2 Amps At 120 VAC/DC Output, 0.75 To 50 Amps Sensing Range.


Low Setpoint - The H809 Has A Low (0.75 A) Minimum Setpoint No Need For Multiple Wraps Of The Conductor Through The Sensor, Even On Loads As Small As 1/5 hp
Small In Size - H809 Are Small In Size To Fit Easily Inside Small Starter Enclosures
Versatility - Removable Mounting Bracket Optimizes Field Versatility
Adjustable Trip Point - Precise Current Trip Point Setting
Status Leeds - For Easy Setup And Local Indication
Induced From Monitored Conductor Sensor Power

Technical Details

Current Amperage Range
0.75 To 50 Amps
Current Contact Type
Normally Open
Current Core Type
Current Trip Point Range
0.75 Amp Or Less
Current Trip Point Type
Adjustable Trip Point
Current Type
Current Switch