Differential Air Pressure Switch
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Dry Media Differential Air Pressure Switch, 0.08 To 1.2 In-WC.


Case Geometry Allows Easy Cable Lead-In
High Adjustment Accuracy Through Individual Laser Etched Scale
Cable Strain Relief Integrated In Pg11 (DIN 40430)
User-Friendly Snap Cover
Stable Switching Points - Long-Term Stability Of Switching Points Through Trapezoidal Bead Diaphragm
Case: PC 10% GF, Cover: PC, Diaphragm: Silicone LSR Tempered 200 Deg C, Free Of Gas Emissions Materials In Contact With The Medium
Mechanical Greater Than 106 Switching Cycles Service Life
Screw Terminals Cable Gland Type PG11 (DIN 40430) Complete With Cable Strain Relief Electrical Connection
Air And Neutral Gases Medium