Duct CO2 Transmitter
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0 To 10 VDC For 0 To 2000 ppm Sensor Output, Single Beam Non-Dispersive Infrared Sensing Method, Plastic Enclosure, Includes LCD Display, 24 VAC/DC, 50/60Hz Supply Voltage.


Commercial Office Buildings, Hospitals And Schools Applications
The ESENSE Series Is Based On A Single Beam Non-Dispersive Infrared Technology And Is A Cost-Optimized Solution For The Climate Control Of Buildings And Other Processes
In addition, ABC Software Eliminates The Need For Manual Calibration
The ESENSE Series Measures The CO2 Concentration In The Ambient Air Up To 2,000 ppm And Converts The Data Into An Analog Output
This Data Can Be Used In Conjunction With A Building Automation Or Demand Control Ventilation System To Decrease Energy Consumption While Creating A Healthier Indoor Climate