Cochrane Supply & Engineering is excited to announce that Honeywell has recently approved a manufacturer’s territory expansion, now permitting Cochrane Supply to sell Honeywell products in previously restricted markets, including the states of Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico. 

“Honeywell and Cochrane Supply have a long history together, stemming back to our very beginning,” said Nicole Conklin, Director of Products & Marketing for Cochrane Supply. “We look forward to bringing Honeywell products, training and inventory to our expanded territories.” 

Adding Honeywell to their new branches in Texas and Colorado allows Cochrane Supply customers more quality options with top notch support from an experienced and knowledgeable team.   

Cochrane Supply has been a proud value-added distributor of Honeywell products since its formation. Don Cochrane Sr. started Cochrane Supply in 1967, after getting his start with Honeywell in 1960, where he carried over many of the lessons he learned while at Honeywell, instilling a culture focused on providing high quality products and dedicated customer service.

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