Cochrane Supply recently announced their partnership with Smart Buildings Academy, now offering some of the industry’s best online training curriculum through our e-commerce shop. By offering access to Smart Buildings Academy's renowned training modules, we ensure our customers have access to the education and certifications they need to succeed.

“At Cochrane Supply, we recognize that staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving HVAC industry not only requires access to top-tier products, but also necessitates continuous skill development,” said Nicole Conklin, Cochrane Supply’s Director of Products & Marketing. "This partnership enables our customers to access the ongoing training essential for their continued success in the industry.

Courses for Your Future Success in BAS

By combining the certification classes & workforce development programs offered by SBA with the unparalleled product training and technical support of Cochrane Supply, contractors and owner-operators gain access to the most robust resources available to empower their teams.

"Smart Buildings Academy is incredibly excited to partner with Cochrane Supply, an organization deeply committed to attracting, training, and developing talent in industry,” said Julian Palacios, Director of Sales and Business Development for SBA. "From foundational building automation principles to advanced certifications, Smart Buildings Academy provides invaluable skills and knowledge required for today's dynamic BAS market."

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