Pressure, Dry, Panel, 0-1inwc
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Pressure, Dry, Panel, 0-1inwc


Static pressure in duct or room applications
Ideal for clean rooms, hospitals, fume hoods, computer rooms, and other very low differential pressure applications
Monitors positive and negative pressure for application versatility
Flexibility: standard and fast response modes
Variable air volume system control
Filter status monitoring
Excellent tolerance to overpressure and vibration reduces field failures
High accuracy digital sensor maintains calibration and reduces callbacks
High reliability sensor technology for long-term maintenance-free operation
Switch-selectable ranges and scales reduce setup time and number of models to stock
Microprocessor-based design allows for digitally profiled sensor increasing product accuracy and reliability
Brass barb fittings prevent breakage and accomodate popular tubing sizes

Technical Details

Response Time Standard:
T95 in 20 sec, Fast: T95 in 2 sec, switch selectable
Proof Pressure
3 psid (20.6kPa)
Burst Pressure
5 psid (34.5kPa)
Temperature Effect
1" 0.05%/°C; 10"
Zero Drift (1-year)
1" 2.0% max.
Operating Environment
0°- 60°C (32° to 140°F); 0 to 90% RH non-condensing
Fittings Brass barb
0.24” (6.1mm) o.d.