Technical Support, Custom Software Development, Licensing and More

Cochrane Supply and Cochrane Tech Services provide various technical services to help our customers succeed. From technical support, custom development, software licensing, and consultation services, we have the tools to find the right solution for you.

Technical Support

Cochrane Tech Services provides technical support for a wide range of building automation system software and hardware. The Cochrane Tech Support website provides support ticket tracking, easy access to the latest software downloads, and announcements on the latest software and critical security updates. is a resource site hosted by Cochrane Supply & Engineering to help consulting engineers, building network designers, and system integrators stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in smart building technology.

Custom Software Development

The experienced developers at Cochrane Tech Services provide custom software development for various industrial IoT and building automation and controls solutions like the Niagara Framework. Contact us today to see if our custom solutions are right for you.

Software Licensing

Cochrane Supply’s dedicated building automation licensing department assists with implementing software licensing to allow you to control and manage capability and capacity. Let us assist you in optimizing software functionality to suit your building automation systems’ needs. Open a ticket with Cochrane Tech Support, or email us today.

Consultation Services

Cochrane Supply is pleased to be your trusted partner in determining how to make your building smarter and more efficient. We offer independent consultation services for optimizing building automation systems control, monitoring your current systems and programs, and analyzing performance. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your next project.

Meet the Team

Mike Mitchell

Chief Technology Officer

Jacob Fenley

Director of Tech Services

Kevin Crabill

Instructor, Training Manager

Abe Monreal

Sr. Building Automation Specialist, Technical Support

Aaron Rickle

Project Manager

Ed Stepanchenko

Developer, Technical Support

Thomas Gann

Developer, Technical Support

Brad Crowe

Brad Crowe

Technical Support