Veris Mini Relay, 4PDT, Blade, 24VAC, FF
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Veris Mini Relay, 4PDT, Blade, 24VAC, FF


Color-coded push button...allows manual operation of relay. AC coils red or DC coils blue
Removable override lever...when activated, locks push button and contacts in the powered position
Flag indicator...shows relay status in manual or powered condition
LED status lamp...shows coil “ON” or “OFF” status
I.D. tag/write-on plastic label...used for identification of relays in multi-relay circuits
2-Way side or DIN rail mounting system...retrofits existing panel mounting and 35mm DIN rail
Mating hold-down clip...secures relay to socket

Technical Details

Operating Range
85% to 110% of rated voltage
Drop-out Voltage Threshold
15% of rated voltage
Expected Relay Life Electrical (@ rated current)
100,000 cycles
Mechanical (unpowered)
10,000,000 cycles
Operating Time
20 ms typical
Dielectric Strength
1500VAC (RMS)
Operating Temperature
-40° to 55°C (-40° to 131°F)