As we enter deeper into the fall season, it's the perfect time to conduct regular maintenance of commercial or industrial burner/boiler systems. At Cochrane Supply, we celebrate this time of year with our annual Burner Book Sales Event!

Earn Prizes with Every In-Store Purchase

From September 18th, 2023, until February 28th, 2024, customers can earn prizes for each in-store purchase of any product featured in this year's Burner Book. The Burner Book contains a wide selection of flame safeguard products from the industry’s top manufacturers, including Honeywell, Siemens, and Fireye.

Flame Safeguard Controls: Your Key to Safety and Efficiency

At Cochrane Supply, we understand the critical role that flame safeguard controls play in the safety and efficiency of burner and boiler systems. Flame safeguard controls are critical for safe burner operation.

Fall maintenance ensures these controls are functioning correctly to prevent dangerous conditions during the peak winter months. Our Burner Book Sales Event is designed to encourage and reward customers who prioritize the maintenance and performance of these vital components.

Why Fall Maintenance Matters

Conducting maintenance before winter allows you to proactively identify and rectify potential problems, preventing breakdowns when they're least convenient. This preventative approach substantially decreases the risk of expensive emergency repairs in the midst of winter.

Issues with burner components like ignitors, regulators, and flame detectors can arise, causing inefficient combustion or ignition failure. Tackling these potential problems during fall maintenance ensures industrial boiler systems are winter-ready, ready to meet seasonal demands.

Join Us for the Burner Book Sales Event

The Burner Book Sales Event is your opportunity to earn Cochrane Supply limited-edition swag in return for your continued support of Cochrane Supply.

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Download the 2023-2024 Burner Book.